Color Switch

Colour Switch is one of the most addicting game by poki. You just need to Tap the ball carefully through the matching hues and collect your points along the way.

A new reflex game which is attaining popularity quickly is the colour switch. This is a very interesting game found very colorful. It gains the attention of the kids as it is very unique and also colorful. The game can be played very easily and it gives best relaxation to the mind. The game works with a bouncing ball on the screen. The procedure to play the game is is as follows. A ball will appear in the screen and the person who plays is to make the ball bouncing and the balls must be matched with the colors. It is not easy to match the ball with the colors as many obstacles may occur in the game. The obstacles must be passed effectively and the crashing of the balls with different colors should be avoided. This is the way the game must be played. When the ball bounces in the air it may crash with some other colors than the original color of the ball. If it occurs then it will be the end of the game and a new game can be started again. Thus matching the balls which are bouncing in the air will be very interesting to carry the game till its end. Even in some conditions the obstacles created will be increased. This condition will happen when the time moves on from the starting time.

  • Speed as the obstacle

The speed of the game will be increased and it will make the game more complex. This forms the major obstacles to the players as they may feel it very difficult to pass the hindrance.

  • Shapes as the obstacle

The next obstacle which is in this color switch game is the shapes which are formed. There may be different shapes formulated in the screen. These make difficulties in matching the balls which bounce in the air.

  • Areas of colors

The next place of hindrance will be the colors which are produced in the game. There are several colors found. The obstacle here is the player will be confused with the color and the balls. Thus it is one of the important obstacles in the game color switch 2

By overcoming all these obstacles the game can be finished in the different levels and the people can enjoy the game color switch which will be more interesting and also the time spend it will be helpful to relax the mind by seeing different colors.Run 3 Game | Mine Blocks | Cat Ninja Ludo Star Online Scary Maze Games Run 4 Game War Wings for PC

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